Content is King. Search engines absolutely love content. It is their "basic" reason for existence. But they also REALLY love Back Links and you will need BOTH in order for your website to succeed.

Having the greatest site on the Internet will not get you traffic or sales. You need backlinks and in all reality you will not get many (if any at all) if you do not work for them. Quality back links to your site give you instant credibility and also improves

PR - PageRank A-N-D

SERP - Search Engine Result Page.

There are Masses of Internet Web Directories, and normally, most will be more than happy to include your site, and do it for FREE. They can be located all over the internet.

But, submitting to them is a very monotonous process and you must do it hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month... to experience any reasonable, measurable results. so it could take many months just to acquire 50 to 100 links to your site, if you continue to do it by hand.

Sherman this is fantastic!

It really is like hiring an outsourced employee, giving them a list of well-rounded natural high-quality sites for your links, and having them drop hundreds of perfectly typed contextual backlinks on those sites...but in this case the whole process takes 5 minutes and is 100% free.

Really impressive what you've done here, will be adding it to my company's toolbox for sure as it delivers in a big way.

Well done.

Craig Mako

Fast Attack Solutions

I can say that with absolute certainty that along with creating unique content for your site building quality backlinks is one of the most essential ingredients in getting your website ranked well within the search engines.

Sherman, you are really throwing everything at this.

I am very pleased to be in on this and now blown away with what you are offering as free upgrades.

Thanks heaps for what your doing.


PS: Thanks also for quickly addressing my earlier tech issue.

Early on I used to have to buy WSO packets and do all the backlinking myself until I eventually could afford to outsource my backlinking but then I ran into a very familiar problem and that is finding someone who is affordable and actually builds backlinks that will actually increase your websites rankings. After going through many different people I finally found a good one that I continue to use.

But outsourcing your backlinks can get expensive very fast especially considering I have well over 80 websites in various niches so I am always looking for other ways to help me cut down on my need to outsource the backlinks and I have just now found what I have been looking for with this Backlinks Bulldog WSO and if you are wise you will get this WSO as well!

All you have to do is use this WSO once and you will have paid for the cost of it! No Brainer is often used way too loosely, however with that said this WSO really is a NO BRAINER!


Hi Sherman,

Great piece of software.

I downloaded it and literally minutes later it was already submitting my site to 300 directories. Just how awesome is that?

Its a steal deal - you are crazy to give it away this cheap!


From purchase through download was plain sailing, and the greatest part was not having BS upsells forced upon me, although I did notice some other products of yours that I am interested in so will make a return visit later.

Good Luck with your WSO


Just picked this up... looks like an interesting piece of software that has great potential. I like how its not dependent on WP. Don't get me wrong I do like my share of WP Plugins, but I also run sites that are not WP based so I try to get my hands on GOOD software the are universal.


Hey Sherman, I think this is now my 3rd purchase from you so obviously you are one of the warriors on my list.

I see I am within the 1st 100, which is a great deal as the bonus links are worth way more than the purchase price.

So thanks heaps & I look forward to using what you have here provided.

All the best with this wso.


I watch this doing its work and feel like a kid on a new bike.

Shut the front door!!! This guy continues to Over Deliver Every time!!!

What a Great Piece of Software.A+++

I've been following Sherman, for about a year. He continues to amaze me.

I'm naming my Bulldog the linkster,lol I just sit back and Sherman,

Feeds Him!!!

If your on the fence about purchasing this product my Recommendation

Get it Now Before He Closes this Offer...


Just bought and got it up and running in 6 minutes flat. It's now happily chugging away in the background. So far so good!

Another WINNER Bro!

This little (but Powerful) gem is going to make every marketer's life (who takes action) a whole lot easier !

All I can say is BRAVO from very bottom of my heart !

God Bless ( for pricing it so low that anybody who sees the use will be able to afford it)

Anwesh Rath

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